What tire/rim combination do PrioRims work with?

PrioRims are designed to work best for wheels with a flat wheel lip surface on run flat tires /45 and lower. PrioRims are not designed to work on baloon tires. If you have any doubt if our product would fit your wheel and tire combination please feel free to send an image to info@priorim.com and we will answer you back within 24 hours.

What are PrioRims made out of?

Unlike market competition, each ProRim is derived from a single piece of extruded automotive grade aluminum, powder coated in one of 9 number of colours designed not to fade over time. Additionally, PrioRims are secured to your vehicle with our patented locking mechanism.

Can I mount PrioRims myself?

Unlike our competitors, PrioRims are designed to be a true do it yourself product. No shop appointments or professional installation required.

With our patented locking mechanism, each PrioRim is made to mount in a matter of minutes in our own driveway wiht deflating your tires.

Do I need any special tools to mount PrioRims?

Everything needed for installation is included with your purchase of a set of PrioRims. Our patented locking mechanism requires the use of our specific locking key found in your PrioRims kit. 

Should you need to replace your locking key, please reach out to info.us@priorim.com . Do I have to remove my wheels from my car to mount PrioRims?

No! PrioRims do easily install while your wheels are attached to your car. You also do not need to deflate your tires? No! PrioRims were designed to allow for mounting while your vehicle is on the ground. Professional installation is not required.

Can I remove PrioRims again?

Yes! Because of our patented locking mechanism, PrioRims are just as easy to uninstall as they are to install. Additionally, no residue or signs or previous use are left on the wheel when removed. Our PrioRims are designed to be a true DIY product, and part of being truly DIY is ease of use!

Can I put my PrioRims through an automatic car wash?

Yes! Because of our patented locking mechanism, PrioRims are secured tightly to your vehicle and capable of withstanding the pressure of an automatic car wash. Additionally, because of the professional power coating application, there is no risk of discolouration.

Do PrioRims affect my wheel balance?

No! PrioRims are derived from a single piece of extruded automotive grade aluminium designed to have uniform weight distribution.

Have PrioRims been tested at high speeds?

PrioRims have been tested on the Autobahn at speeds exceeding 200 mph. Additionally, PrioRims were mounted and tested at the world famous Nürburgring Nordschleife racing track.



What are my delivery options?

 We ship all of our orders with UPS and you can pick between Next Day Delivery or a standard 5–7 working day delivery.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an automated email with a tracking number and can track your shipment online.

How are shipping cost calculated?

Shipping costs are directly related to the dimensions and weight of your package. In addition, all packages are insured which also adds to the shipping costs. We directly pass on shipping cost to you with no mark up on our end.

How quickly do my orders ship?

Items on stock are usually dispatched within 3 business days from our order fulfillment center.

How do returns work?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase or the product does not fit your tire and wheel combination, please contact our customer care team (info.us@priorim.com) with your order number, name and address and we will issue a return form to you. Returned products must be in their original packaging with instructions and all parts included, in a fully resalable condition to receive a refund to your original payment method within 14 days. You will get an Email notification once a return has been received in our warehouse and has been processed. PrioRim reserves the right to refuse a refund on products that are not deemed to be resalable.

Faulty/Missing or wrong item received?

Every so often mistakes happen. We will everything we can to resolve them as quickly as possible. If you face any issues with an order please contact our customer care team within 72 hours of receipt of shipment. If you received the wrong item we will organize a free  collection from an address provided and will dispatch the correct item as soon as possible.



What payment types are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Payments can also be made via Paypal or bank account in advance.

Is Cash on Delivery an Option?

PrioRim Technologies does not accept Cash on Delivery orders. All orders must be prepaid.



How to become a PrioRim Brand Ambassador?

We are always looking to extend our reach and find new way to promote our brand and products. If you have a proven/ established network and want to become a PrioRim ambassador please reach out to info.us@priorim.com.

How to become a PrioRim Trade Partner?

PrioRims offer a great opportunity to increase business revenues, bring in new customers but also customer retention of customers coming back and can be converted for other vehicle services. If you want to become a trade partner please contact us at info.us@priorim.com.